Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Currently, the city is estimated to be populated by about 7 million people from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. Considered essentially an administrative city, Abuja was described in its early years as a dull, boring and sleepy town due to the near absence of social life, especially when compared to such cities as Lagos, Kaduna and Port Harcourt. As a result, many residents traveled out of the city at weekends to catch fun and entertainment in other cities.

However, today, the story has changed significantly. The boost in social life has made the city livelier. To meet the entertainment needs of residents, recreational and entertainment facilities have continued to spring up in the city, to provide a variety of services. Unfortunately, a number of these facilities provide limited entertainment and recreation, resulting in residents having to move from one place to another in search of variety. Also, the serenity and privacy which most people desire are largely absent in most of these facilities available before now.

The Golf and Health Signature (GHS) was conceived to bridge the gap and provide the ambience that is necessary for optimal entertainment and recreation in a variety of ways.

What We Do!!!


The world is a global village and so every member of the club must be kept abreast of local and international news


The garden has a collection of some of the best golf artifacts and books warehoused in the museum and library respectively.


To complement the various cable television networks within the club, there is also an in-house television station which will provide breaking news


The wellness of members is of paramount importance to the club. The golfers keep fit centre is a well-equipped gym for fitness exercises and aerobics.


The garden boasts of six (6) indoor golf suites equipped with simulators that help golfers lower their scores when playing on an open golf course. The suites are also fitted with private bars to ensure that golfers can refresh at intervals with chilled drinks of their choice. The provision of these indoor suites is to ensure that golfing is not in any way affected by the vagaries of weather. The use of the indoor golf suites is based on first come first serve bookings..


This is a facility that depicts the uniqueness of golf and dignity of members of the club. The facility is fitted with table tennis, snooker, darts and other local indoor games. A standard bar is also provided to ensure that members do not have to go to the main bar to be served. Meals can also be served in the chambers.


The main bar and restaurant are located in the 2-storey round building. The restaurant serves both local and continental cuisines. Every food is prepared and served fresh. The bar provides the choicest drinks and cocktails.